Perfect Balance

I am an ‘80s baby born in the Philippines. I still remember the time when only a few people owned cars (translation: no traffic), when we played on the street with friends instead of playing in front of gadgets, when we had family computers instead of PlayStation and Xbox, when we had to rent betamax or VHS tapes instead of watching on Netflix. I remember the time when we were cruising along Roxas Boulevard and were eating at the original Dampa in Baclaran while looking out to the sea. Now, the ocean view is blocked by lots of buildings and some parts of the ocean are still being reclaimed to give way to more developments. Life was simpler then and Mother Nature was happier then.

Education on nature preservation and environmental awareness wasn’t at the forefront of the school system then. Decades after, drastic changes have been made on the environment and still not a lot of people have given thought on how these changes will affect us in the future. Most people still don’t care. Maybe because they are not properly educated or maybe because they just don’t care because it doesn’t affect them now. Either way, it is humans, more specifically, our children and grandchildren who will be affected if we don’t take good care of our environment now.

I, for one, wasn’t “environmentally aware” before. Of course, I throw away my garbage properly but that’s the extent of it. As I grow more mature, I could see the effects of humans in the environment – lots of trash in the river, in the ocean, on the roads; fields being developed into subdivisions; green mountains turning brown. I feel sad when I see how we destroy our environment carelessly. But it is human nature to seek comfort. I understand that. I don’t want to go back to the Stone Age where we don’t have electricity, running water, proper toilet and all those things that make our lives easier. Is destroying nature the only way? I would like to think not. I want to explore how I can enjoy those comforts without sacrificing Mother Nature. I know it’s a long shot. I know it’s not easy and I will face a lot of struggles. But I want to try and I want to share my successes and failures in looking for a balance and hope we can learn together through this blog.

How about you? Any environmental changes you’ve seen in your area? Any ideas on how to strike the perfect balance between comfort and nature?


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