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EcoWalk 2018

To celebrate Earth Day this year, my family and I joined the EcoWalk in Arroceros Forest Park in Manila organized by Earth Island Institute Philippines. I’ve lived in Manila for a total of 28 years and I haven’t been to this park until that day. The Arroceros Park was developed in 1993 by the city government of Manila and has been called Manila’s “last lung” since it’s the only remaining nature park in the city.

The activity started at 8 o’ clock in the morning with a little opening program followed by a tour around the park. My son heard that a map would be distributed so he insisted on getting one.

The guide, who was a volunteer from Manila Doctors Hospital, was really passionate about saving this park. It has different areas with creative names and a unique vision is created for each area. Too bad these visions are not yet complete as you can see in the pictures that I will share. It has real potential to be a place where you can be close to nature and breathe fresh air without leaving the city. It also is a good place for families to hang out and bond with each other. I’m not yet sure how we can help the park to flourish and reach its full potential but I’ll update this post once I got details from the organizer.

The tour ended near Pasig river with a closing program. Of course, we had a group picture after:

Speaking of Pasig river, it was cleaner than the previous years I’ve seen it (in short: not much trash floating around) but definitely far from the way it used to be. I felt sad because I could just imagine the clean river it used to be and if only I could invent a giant filter to rid it of wastes and a magic solution to turn it into a drinkable water once again. Maybe I could make it my lifelong mission. Hehe. The only upside in seeing the river is that my son saw the ferry passing by and asked us if we could ride it in the future. Hmmm…

As early as now, we are exposing our son to these activities and making him aware that it is our responsibility to take care of nature. I just wish we had a nature park in Parañaque too. It will surely be a hit for me and my family.


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