eco living

First Easy Step

My first step to eco-living is an easy one for me and that is letting go of plastic straw. I was on a lookout for a metal straw because I prefer it over bamboo and silicon for several reasons. One is that I like the look of stainless steel and the other is that I think it is easier to clean. My first choice was the glass straw but I have a 5-yr-old son who could easily drop it. It really depends on the preference of the person. As long as it serves the purpose of being reusable and preventing the use of single straw then it is a good straw.

So while I was still on a lookout, I drank straight from the glass whenever I ate outside. But the wait was not that long. When my son and I were eating in a 711 store near our residence, I happened to see Justice League stainless steel straws in the counter which can be bought at around Php80. After my husband’s approval, I immediately bought a Wonder Woman straw for me and a Flash straw for him. Here is a photo:

Well, I feel like I’m a superhero using this straw though in my own little way. And ever since I bought this, I haven’t used a plastic straw. Hooray for me! 😉 The only drawback was that no brush was included in the pack so I have to buy a small brush, the one used in cleaning bottle nipples.

Of course, it didn’t stop with the straw. The next thing I bought were utensils including a pair of chopsticks. And since I had some cotton yarn left in my stash, I made my own pouch for my little “no to single use plastic” kit. I carry it everywhere I go. Here it is:

There are a lot of metal straws available online. Just search in Instagram or Shopee Philippines. Some of them even offer straws in different colors and sizes. I am partial to the rose gold one. Haha.

How about you? Have you switched to reusable straw yet? Yes, it is easy to buy but a little more challenging to commit because let’s face it, you have to clean it every after use. But after a while of doing it, you’ll get used to it like I do.


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