eco living

Goodbye, my pink Lifefactory bottle

I actually didn’t recognize that my very first step to eco living was using my own reusable water bottle. At that time, I never really thought of it as having a significant impact because I honestly thought that PET water bottles are recyclable. But I found out recently that PET bottles cannot be recycled and used as bottles again. Instead, it can be turned into another product like a fabric or a chair which will then go to the ocean or landfill after its life.

The first time I saw a Lifefactory bottle in 2014, I fell in love with it. It’s made of glass with a protective sleeve. I’m aware that it’s heavier than its plastic counterparts and prone to breakage but I’m really not a fan of hard-to-remove taste, smell, and stain on plastic bottles whenever liquids other than water is put into it. Obviously, a glass bottle is a no-brainer for me and luckily, there is one official distributor here in the Philippines. I bought a purple 22-oz bottle for when we go out as a family and a pink 16-oz bottle when it’s just me going out. I also bought a 9-oz blue bottle for my son since I usually prepare blended fruit juice for him. I’m so in love with these bottles!

But, alas, all things will come to an end. My pink 16-oz pink bottle has broken into pieces in an accident. I wasn’t fast enough to catch it when it fell from the table. I was actually hoping that it would survive but when I saw the water on the floor, my heart broke a little. I knew it was beyond repair. All I have left of it are the cap and sleeve. You will be greatly missed, my pink Lifefactory bottle.


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