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DIY File Box

I had a hard time letting go of the memory pillow box because I thought that I could still make use of it (with my husband raising his eyebrow at me as I was saying this). And it stayed at the top of our cabinet for months because I can't seem to decide what to… Continue reading DIY File Box

eco living

Goodbye, my pink Lifefactory bottle

I actually didn't recognize that my very first step to eco living was using my own reusable water bottle. At that time, I never really thought of it as having a significant impact because I honestly thought that PET water bottles are recyclable. But I found out recently that PET bottles cannot be recycled and… Continue reading Goodbye, my pink Lifefactory bottle

eco living

ECOlta Fair April 14-15 along Escolta

I came across this earlier and it seems pretty interesting. I just might go to this event especially if it's free. There are no details yet regarding registration, schedule of events and guests. Here's from their official event description: HUB:Make Lab in cooperation with Greenpeace Philippines present the first ECOlta Fair on April 14-15! A… Continue reading ECOlta Fair April 14-15 along Escolta