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Glass Lover

I love glass in any form. I would even wear a glass slipper if I could. So will you be surprised if I show my hoard of glass bottles?

These are all from food packaging. Some I have re-used for storing my leftovers and some I have used for organizing all my various knickknacks. But there is one project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And that is the fishnet wrapped jar!

Amazing, right? Aside from the fact that I haven’t seen these in any local store, I like doing my own thing. So I scourged the Internet for a DIY tutorial and I found it here: Fishnet wrapped Mason Jar. In this tutorial, the blue Ball Heritage Mason Jar was used. I have one of those but I’m using it for storage. So I got one of my bottles from my hoard but it has no color so I had to put color on it first. I used glue, food coloring and a little bit of water. I mixed all three materials together and started painting the bottle. Here’s what it looks like once it’s dry:

This is not permanent so I have to use it where it has no contact with water. There’s one method of coloring glass permanently but I haven’t tried it yet.

So after the bottle was ready, I followed the instructions in the tutorial. The only adjustments I made were the size and number of cut lengths of jute twine I had to use. Instead of 10 cut lengths, I only used 8 because the diameter of my jar is smaller than that of the mason jar. As for the length, I measured the height of the jar and multiplied it by 5. I found out that the length of the cut twine was just right for my jar so it was just a one-time trial for me. Here are the step-by-step photos of my fishnet wrapped jar:

Finally, here is my fishnet wrapped jar:

I love it! I’m so happy that I was able to recycle one glass jar and turned it into a stylish decor. As for the rest of my hoard, I have to find some inspiration first. Any ideas?


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